Section Services

Therapeutic Massage: Each session is tailored to fit the needs of the day, no matter how general or specific the request may be, the end goal is to promote change through relaxing yet effective techniques.


  • 60 minutes: $130
  • 90 minutes $170
  • 120 minutes $210

Please arrive 5 minutes before scheduled appointment time.

Please note a 24hour cancellation policy, in which a partial charge will be taken to cover the operational costs.

Gift certificates available upon request.

Swedish / Western massage Performed on a massage table with organic oils under the appropriate draping.
Relaxation Techniques
Deep Tissue
Medical Massage
Sports Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial Release
Prenatal and Post-natal massage

Shiatsu/Eastern Massage Performed on mats on the floor, with the client in loose comfortable clothes.
Using the Five Element Perspective and traditional Shiatsu and Thai stretches we address the Yin/Yang system and bring both the physical body and energetic body back into balance.

Etheric Body Energy Manipulation Performed alone or in conjunction with a Swedish or Shiatsu session.
A perspective that doesn’t fall under traditional energy therapies, using very light touch on the outside of the body to deeply manipulate energetic stagnation or holding patterns within the structure of our bodies.

Couples Massage Enjoying a therapeutic couple massage is a great way to spend quality time together, yet separately. You will receive a 60-minute session in tandem, in two peaceful and beautiful rooms with Crissy and E, followed by 30- minute relaxing infrared sauna shared together to further relieve stress, aches, and pain. Please email for pricing and scheduling. Also check out for more information.

Partnered Lesson For those interested in learning massage techniques of their own, I have stylized a session to teach each person how to work on their partner. Tailoring the session to treat their specific needs while also teaching general relaxation techniques, a couple can easily incorporate healing therapeutic massage into their lives. Booked in 120 minute time slot only.

In home/ hotel massage Sessions in your home are a wonderful way to keep health and wellness in your life and within the serenity of your own space. Clients that have their own table reflect the prices on the page, for clients that require a table brought to them an added fee of $100 per trip for travel.

Off site chair or table massage For companies interested in having massage therapy in the office or for special occasion parties, we can create an environment in any space to promote healing, peace and wellness. Inquire for price quotes and arrangements. Generally the work is done in 5 to 15 minute sessions, depending on specific needs. Day rates and hourly quotes upon request.

Multi day massage retreat For those interested in hosting massage for their wellsness retreat or any location outside of the New York Metropolitan area. Email to inquire about booking and rates.