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When I think about it, I have been practicing massage for as long as I can remember. As a small child, my father would have me walk on his back, and since then, I had been developing an intuition I would soon learn to embrace. I received my training and education from the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences back in 2008. Under the guidance and philosophy of some of the best teachers in the country, I am honored to continue my practice using the tools and language acquired that would shape my unique style.

Over the years, working in various massage settings from Chiropractic/ Physical Therapy offices, high end spa’s catering to celebrity clientele, and holistic bodywork studios, I have tailored my sessions to incorporate all modalities and techniques necessary to alleviate pain and promote serenity within the body and the mind. Seamlessly integrating Eastern and Western perspectives into each session leaves my clients with a feeling of completeness and newness that makes 90 minutes of my work feel like a week of rest. Even while treating chronic issues I understand that our minds and bodies change everyday and my goal is to make every session reflect the evolution and forward momentum of our lives but still maintain consistent relief you can depend on.